How To Run a Successful Concession Business

If you are looking to start your own business, but you have reservations about it, a great business to get your feet wet in is the food concession business. This business allows you to work outdoors and socialize with all kinds of interesting, different people. This type of business is an excellent and productive business. A concession trailer, a restaurant on wheels, has the benefits of a restaurant with the added bonus of mobility. You can move your concession business wherever people gather, allowing you to to go to your customers instead of your customers having to come to you. On the other hand, if you want to set up in a semi-permanent location for your customers, this is also a possibility.

In order to plan a concession stand business or a food concession trailer business there are 5 basic steps to complete. The first step is to decide whether or not you want to find a partner in your business venture. Second is to evaluate your options. Next, you are going to have to decide what type of product you would like to sell from this new business. Fourth is to choose a location or locations to work from. Finally, contact city, county, and state officials in your business area for the details on how to go about licensing your business specifically for the type of food you plan to sell.

The first thing you should consider when starting a food trailer business is whether or not you are going to face this business venture and very big step alone or whether you want to find a partner. While the food concession trailer business is considerably less financially risky than investing a much larger amount of money into a bigger business, it is still often easier to share financial burdens and business decisions with another person. Finding a business partner is often a very smart move. While it is a great idea to have a business partner, don’t just decide willy-nilly on who you will choose. You must be very careful when choosing someone so important. Knowing the potential business partner personally is a good thing, and the longer the better. This way, you know the character of the person before you start. A partner is also very good for sharing the work load. This way, one person does not have to be at the job site all day every day. Getting a day off now and then is very helpful. A partner is even more important if you plan to operate a large scale or industrial concession trailer business such as those found at NASCAR events.

The Concession Business

The second thing you need to do is evaluate the options you have in regard to running a successful food service business. Determine the amount of capital you have to work with and stick to it. Decide whether you have the money to purchase a concession trailer outright or if you will take out a loan to purchase the concession trailer. Be cautious about choosing a loan company if you must borrow. Have an exit strategy. As much as you want to believe that your business will succeed, there is always that chance that it will not. Have a plan with regard to the way you will get out of this business deal. Whether it is to save until you can buy out the lease or selling the trailer and/or business to get rid of it.

The third step to follow is to decide the type of food product you wish to sell from your mobile kitchen. The type of food you sell will be determined largely on the regional tastes around your business. If you are in the south, for example, southern style chili might go over very well with your customers. If you are in the north, you might find a desire for clam chowder or similar dishes to be sold. The type of food also determines, in many cases, what type of license you must obtain and from what department of the state. Time is another factor that will influence your decision about type of food served in your restaurant on wheels. Take into account how much time it takes to prepare the food you are planning to serve. If it is not in the same time frame as that which fast food is served, it may be a good idea to stay away from that food. One final thing regarding food is to decide whether or not you will serve business. In many cases you can largely increase your revenue. In some cases, breakfast is not practical and you will end up spending much more money than you make.

The next step to follow is to decide where you are going to set up your new mobile food service business. There are several options for this step. First decide whether you are going to only do special events such as fairs and festivals, set up in a fixed location, or do a combination of both. If you are doing this sort of business as a side income, you may only want to do special festivals or parties. If you are making this a full-time business, you may want to set up in a full time location or combine the two by setting up the trailer in one fixed location during the week days and on weekends, visit and sell from events such as flea markets. You will also have to determine how much you are willing to pay for the spot you choose to sell from.

The final step to running a successful concession food trailer business is to contact city, county, and state offices where you are locating your business about the requirements of licensing for food vending in your location. In many cases, this is usually a process of paying fees, passing food safety exams, and obtaining a state inspection. Though this may seem like a daunting process, it is relatively simple when you find a person in an official capacity willing to help you through it. Permits are also required in some areas specifically for the city or county you will be selling your product in.

The Concession Trailer Food Business: Your Freedom Ticket

A concession trailer food business is a great way to ease into the food service industry and start your own business. It can be every bit as profitable as a stationary restaurant and has advantages like mobility if you are not making the type of money you desire to make. If you decide to relocate, whether you move across the country or across town, you have the potential to make a great living and even progress into having your own stationary restaurant in time. Get a great deal on a used concession trailer.